Clos LaChance Wines has teamed with Grupo Codorníu's Aveníu Brands in its domestic market of the US.

The Californian wine company confirmed late last week that Aveníu will handle the sales, marketing and distribution of its wine brands in the country. More specific details, including how long the partnership will run for, were not disclosed by either company.

“Clos LaChance offers Aveníu Brands an opportunity to expand our California and domestic wine presence,” said Aveníu's president, Andrew Mansinne. “We are excited to learn more about Central Coast wines from one of its pioneers.”

Cheryl Murphy Durzy, VP of sales and marketing for Clos LaChance, added: “With continued distributor and supplier consolidation, it is increasingly challenging to get the attention of the wholesaler as an independent producer. By joining the Aveníu portfolio, Clos LaChance is now represented by a large network of … sales representatives nationwide.”

Aveniu changed its name from AV Brands in 2009.

Based in San Martin, California, family-owned Clos LaChance was founded in 1992 by Bill and Brenda Murphy.

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