Clearly Canadian has realigned its distribution network in the US.

The Canadian soft drinks group said yesterday (18 January) that it is establishing a network of independent distribution partners in the country.

The company will subsequently switch its distribution from the Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up Bottling Group to new distribution partners in certain regions of the US, including the mid-west and south-west.

"We are excited with our new distribution strategy which not only will bring tremendous focus to our products but will also deliver our products to consumers in a cost effective manner," said company president Brent Lokash.

"We believe our work over the past year has laid a great foundation for establishing distribution throughout the US and we look forward to announcing our new partners as we move forward with this strategy."

Last year, the company cleared its debt and said that, going forward, it would focus on the US, a market that already accounts for three-quarters of its business.