Clearly Canadian has finalised distribution deals in the Pacific Northwest. The beverage company announced yesterday that it has entered into new distribution arrangements with Columbia Distributing Company and expanded distribution arrangements with Walton Beverage Company.

Beginning February 2004, Columbia will distribute Clearly Canadian sparkling flavoured water throughout Oregon and Washington, except in the areas already serviced by Walton. As part of its expanded distribution arrangement with Clearly Canadian, Walton will now distribute brand Clearly Canadian in the Washington State Counties of Skagit, San Juan, Whatcom and parts of Island County.

In a statement, Douglas Mason, president and CEO of Clearly Canadian, said: "We view these relationships as a tremendous opportunity to strengthen the presence of brand Clearly Canadian in the Pacific Northwest market. As the Cadbury Schweppes franchise holder in this region, Columbia's market presence provides brand Clearly Canadian with significant upside going forward.

"Entering into a distribution arrangement and expanding our existing relationship with Walton provides both companies with a renewed commitment to growing and increasing the availability of our brands in this region of Washington State," Mason added.

Steve Lipe, vice president of beverages at Columbia, said: "The addition of brand Clearly Canadian complements our existing portfolio of alternative beverages. We are looking forward to building a long-term relationship with Clearly Canadian."