Clearly Canadian is on the look out for a new chief financial officer. The company said in a statement that, although it announced the appointment of Matthew Hoogendoorn as CFO in June, he would no longer be joining the company.

Hoogendoorn came to Clearly Canadian through BG Capital Group Ltd, but has recently assumed greater responsibilities within the BG Capital organisation. As a result, Hoogendoorn will no longer have the available time to act as the CFO for Clearly Canadian, a statement said.

"The company will be looking for a new chief financial officer and, in the interim, Mr Brent Lokash, the president of Clearly Canadian, will be assuming the position of CFO until a replacement for Mr. Hoogendoorn can be recruited," the statement said.

In the same press release, Clearly Canadian said it had decided to relocate its head office to take advantage of more cost effective space that will better suit the needs of its current staff and operations.

"This relocation will result in a significant reduction of the company's general and administrative expenses in 2006," Clearly Canadian said.

Effective from 28 November, Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation will relocate its head office to 2267 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6K 2J1.