Clearly Canadian is planning the launch of two new products this autumn and is looking to boost its presence in the US.

The Canadian soft drinks group is looking to build on its progress in the last six months, which has seen it clear its debts and revamp a number of key products with notable success.

Last month, Clearly Canadian raised US$3.3m after selling 1.2m shares in the company and wiped out its debt after settling a 1997 legal claim. The moves followed the relaunch of the original flavours in its sparkling flavoured water range in May in response to consumer demand.

Sonia Manson, marketing manager at Clearly Canadian, said the company was looking to bounce back after a series of losses and falling sales last year.

Manson told just-drinks that the company had decided to go back to the original formula for its Clearly Canadian sparkling waters range after a change in the recipe hit sales.

"Our brand equity has always been very strong but sales did drop off," she told just-drinks from Vancouver on Friday (11 August). "There were a series of decisions on rebranding our core products and a change in formulation which shocked people - it was too drastic."

The range, with flavours including blackberry and cherry, is made with cane sugar, a recipe that appeals to consumers who want "fuller flavours", Manson said.

"We've gone back to what people loved about the product and revisited our previous look and formulation, using cane sugar, fuller flavours," she said.

Clearly Canadian also caters for consumers who watch their calories, Manson said. The company sells two zero-calorie beverages sweetened with sucralose. "It's a nice option for those who don't want a calorie option. It's indulgence but without the guilt," Manson adds.

Manson said that Clearly Canadian plans to launch two more products this autumn. She declined to give precise details on the products but hinted that there are "more non-carbonated lines that we're looking at".

Clearly Canadian recently signed a promotional deal with basketball star Steve Nash, which will see him act as brand ambassador for the company's products and Global Water, its initiative to widen access to safe drinking water around the world.

Manson said the company was also looking to revive sales of its oxygen-enhanced water product, which was popular with athletes in North America. "Its distribution had dropped off but we're looking to do something with this type of product. There are couple of new things that we are looking at - Nash's status will definitely help the claims we are making with the product."

The US accounts for three-quarters of Clearly Canadian's business but Manson said the company was looking to expand further due to consumer demand.

"We're looking to expand everywhere and expand our distribution in the US. We've got new financing, we've paid off our debt and we're in a great position to grow."