Vermouth brand Cinzano is launching a new product on the UK market called Spritzz Up, aimed at 18- to 30-year-old female drinkers.

Spritzz Up, which is a wine-based 14.5% abv drink designed to be mixed with tonic or lemonade, is to be advertised in magazines such as Heat, Now and Cosmopolitan, in addition to other publications which match its demographic.

The company says that the tagline 'girls get ready to go' is aimed at women who have heard of Cinzano but have no 'existing heritage' with the brand. The launch is also aimed at rejuvenating the overall Cinzano brand image.

"Cinzano is a name that enjoys huge public awareness and affection with people who remember the Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins campaign,'' said Karen Crowley, UK marketing manager for Cinzano. "However, whilst younger adult drinkers may have heard of us, they've never had an incentive to buy our products until now.''

Spritzz Up is available in two flavours and will sell for around GBP5.99 (US$11.10) per bottle.