UK cider exports have grown 26% since 2009.

UK cider exports have grown 26% since 2009.

UK cidermakers have called for government “restraint” on regulation and tax to help boost the industry's burgeoning exports. 

Speaking at a Houses of Parliament reception last night (28 January), the National Association of Cidermakers chairman, Paul Bartlett, said that producers have invested “significant sums” in key markets such as North America and Australia. Cider is being seen as a “British success story”, he said, as producers grow multiple major markets overseas.

He added: “That is starting to happen for cidermakers of all scales and we will see significantly more if we can continue to plan and invest for the long-term because we have stability and restraint in the UK.” 

Earlier this month, Magners producer C&C Group reported a 45% jump in export volumes in the nine-month period to the end of November. 

Overall UK export cider sales are up 26% since 2009. 

Bartlett also told MPs, peer and industry guests that investment by cidermakers meant the industry is “better placed to succeed over the long-term than ever before”. 

But he added: “In order to secure this opportunity we need regulatory stability, sensible restraint on duty and support in export markets." 

Cidermakers have been stung by the UK's alcohol duty escalator, which has seen duty rise by a minimum of 2% above inflation since 2008. The British Beer & Pub Association has led a high profile campaign against the measure, which has so far proved unsuccessful.