Cider is continuing its rise in the US, from a small base

Cider is continuing its rise in the US, from a small base

Hard cider is continuing its ascent in the US after new figures revealed on-trade sales leapt by 70% in the first quarter of 2013.

The growth was driven "primarily" by sales of Boston Beer Company's Angry Orchard Hard Cider, tracking firm GuestMetrics said today (22 April). The rise echoed last year's performance, when volumes of hard cider sold in the US increased by 40% across the 12 months. 

Volumes sold were not disclosed by GuestMetrics, but cider still only accounts for 0.7% of on-trade sales for the wider beer category, the company said. This share is double that of the US off-trade, according to Information Resources Inc (IRI) figures. 

"Based on our data, Angry Orchard had a 27-share of ciders sold during 2012 in on-premise, and grew that share to a 44-share by the first quarter of 2013,” said Peter Reidhead, GuestMetric' strategy and insights VP.

Angry Orchard was launched by the Samuel Adams brewer around a year ago.

A report in February suggested that cider still suffered from a lack of distrubution in the US and the need to invest in the category's image