Ever dream about tagging along on a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photo shoot? Ever fantasize about having dinner with stockcar racing great Rusty Wallace? Did you think that only in your wildest dreams you would throw out the first pitch at a big-league baseball game?

This summer, the Miller "Get The Goods" online auction can make your dreams come true, while benefiting charitable or community-based organizations.

Beginning May 1, U.S. residents of legal drinking age can log onto www.MillerGetTheGoods.com to participate in an online auction and bid on once-in-a-lifetime items and experiences available exclusively through Miller. The Miller "Get The Goods" auction features more than a thousand different items that range from smaller selections such as beach chairs and autographed baseballs, to larger, one-of-a-kind items such as an autographed hood from Rusty Wallace's No. 2 Miller Lite race car and a replica of the swimsuit featured on the cover of the 2000 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, signed by the model.

"What makes the Miller 'Get The Goods' promotion so exciting is that it offers something for everyone," said Bob Mikulay, Miller's senior vice president of marketing. "For adult consumers, it offers the chance to bid on unusual items or experiences, many of which aren't available anywhere else. And for our Miller 'Get The Goods' charity partners, we hope to raise thousands of dollars to support their efforts, reinforcing Miller's commitment to the communities in which we live and work. We look forward to some spirited online bidding, and to presenting some very large checks to our charity partners."

As consumers bid on items and experiences at www.MillerGetTheGoods.com, they can also feel good about the money they're spending, as Miller Brewing Company will donate the cash proceeds to a charitable organization selected by winning bidders. When registering to place bids, adult consumers select which charity they would like to benefit from their participation, based on a list of "Get The Goods" charitable partners. The charitable partners are United Cerebral Palsy, America's Second Harvest, City of Hope, Variety Club, Adelante U.S. Education Leadership Fund, Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund, Friends of the Field, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, Surfriders Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Business Against Drunk Driving (BADD), AIDS Action Foundation and Easter Seals.

Adult consumers can log onto www.MillerGetTheGoods.com simply to browse the items and experiences up for auction. When ready to make a bid, however, participants must "officially" register on the site. At that time, the auction participant will be assigned a user ID and password, and will be able to begin bidding. All auction merchandise will be posted with a minimum starting bid and minimum amount for bid increases.

Depending on their state of residency, consumers can use either cash, "Miller Beer Bucks" or a combination of both to bid on items and experiences at www.MillerGetTheGoods.com. In states where legal, consumers can collect "Miller Beer Bucks" found inside specially marked can packages of Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft, as well as the caps from all Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft bottles, which each equal one "Miller Beer Buck."

"We set out to develop a program that would stand out in a crowd, that would get adult beer drinkers excited and talking about Miller and that would remain fresh and engaging all summer long," Mikulay said. "We are confident we've accomplished those objectives with the Miller 'Get The Goods' promotion. And the best part is that we'll do all this while supporting organizations that really make a difference in our communities."

Miller's "Get The Goods" auction will be live May 1 through August 15, 2000. The online posting of the auction items and experiences will be staggered throughout the summer and will remain online anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks, depending on the item. Winning bidders can expect to receive their auction merchandise or a letter with redemption details (if pertaining to an experience) within one week of notification that they submitted the final winning bid.

The Miller "Get The Goods" online auction is a fully integrated promotion supported by television, radio, print, outdoor and digital advertising, as well as dual-branded (Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft) point-of-sale and merchandising materials. The advertising campaign launches in early May, in tandem with the promotion.

Miller Brewing Company has partnered with FairMarket, Inc. to power the "Get the Goods" online auction. FairMarket provides a fully hosted auction solution and will manage all of the operations for www.MillerGetTheGoods.com.

Miller Brewing Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Philip Morris Companies Inc. Principal beer brands include Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller High Life, Meister Brau and Milwaukee's Best. Primary products from Plank Road Brewery, a small division of Miller, include ICEHOUSE and Red Dog. Newly acquired brands include Henry Weinhard's, Hamm's, Olde English 800 and Mickey's Malt Liquor. Miller also makes Sharp's, a non-alcohol beer. Miller's corporate website can be found at www.millerbrewing.com .