ChampionLyte Beverages, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ChampionLyte Holdings, Inc., announced yesterday that it has signed a long-term distribution agreement with Miami-based Havana International Incorporated and FTZ Ship and Duty Free Supplies Inc. for a minimum of 18,000 cases per month of sugar-free ChampionLyte.

The initial order was shipped during the week of 12 April. This is the largest contract order for the product in the company's history.

Havana distributes sugar-free ChampionLyte to 16 states, cruise ships, sea stores, duty-free stores and the US military.

"The agreement with Havana International is a giant step in the growth of the Company and for the exposure of ChampionLyte to the general public," said Donna Bimbo, the company's president.

ChampionLyte Beverages, Inc. manufactures and markets ChampionLyte, the first completely sugar-free entry in the isotonic sports-drink market.