French wine brand Chamarré has secured a listing at UK supermarket Asda.

The wine, produced by Opera Vins & Spiriteux (OVS), a group of French wine co-operatives, has enjoyed a wide presence in the UK since its launch in February. Retailers Threshers, Co-Op, Somerfield and Morrisons also stock the brand.

UK export manager Vincent Norguet said: "The great result Chamarré has seen in the UK is due mainly to the fact that the brand was created to be easily marketable and attractive to the consumer. OVS believes that the way to make the French offer more dynamic is to seduce new consumers."

Asda will list the Colombard-Sauvignon and Cabernet Sauvignon-Grenache from Chamarré, wines priced at around GBP4.99 (US$9.26).