The Century Council has given the Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) a US$100,000 research grant to learn more about the role of emergency services with regard to college binge drinking in the US.

The council, a not-for-profit organisation funded by distillers to fight drunk driving and underage drinking, said on Tuesday (20 October) that the first phase will involve the EMF learning more about the young people using emergency facilities due to alcohol-related incidents.

The goal, the council said, is to better understand circumstances surrounding overconsumption, how they arrive, repeat visits, drinking experience and blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

"The solution lies within the stakeholders including, school administrators, students, parents, retailers, law enforcement, community organisations, and emergency medical services," said Alexander Rosenau, chair-elect of the EMF board of trustees. "Emergency services are on the front lines of this issue and we have much to offer in the way of prevention and treatment of problem drinking. Research conducted by the Emergency Medicine Foundation will help us create a blueprint to effectively address this issue."

The research grant is part of an initiative geared to reducing college binge drinking in the country, and coincides with National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week running from 18-24 October.