Russian Standard acquired CEDC in June this year

Russian Standard acquired CEDC in June this year

Russian Standard has told just-drinks it has “stabilised” its recent acquisition Central European Distribution Corporation and will not cut jobs at the Zubrówka vodka maker for the foreseeable future.

In an exclusive interview today (11 November), Preston Mendenhall, Russian Standard's VP of strategy, said getting CEDC back on track is his company's “biggest achievement so far”. “We focussed on stabilising (CEDC) financially, in terms of market share, people, human resources, and production process, and that has been done," Mendenhall said.

The workforce at CEDC will “remain stable”, Mendenhall added. 

Russian Standard completed its takeover of CEDC this year after bailing the company out of spiralling debts. The takeover increased Russian Standard's volumes by around ten-fold and added around 20 brands to its portfolio.

Mendenhall said the company is now looking to repeat the international success of its namesake vodka with CEDC brands such as Zubrówka and Green Mark, which Russian Standard rolled out to the US on the day it announced the completion of the CEDC purchase. 

He said: “(The acquisition) was a large step up, but also an opportunity to find synergies. We believe Zubrówka has tremendous opportunity internationally ... so you'll see a focus from us to continue on Russian Standard vodka brands, on Zubrówka and also on Green Mark.

Russian Standard is launching its latest global campaign tonight at London's British Science Museum. The campaign will be fronted by Venezuelan-American television personality and “performance philosopher” Jason Silva.