Coca-Cola Enterprises Limited (CCE) is to launch a consumer sampling campaign for 'Minute Maid' in the UK. The campaign follows encouraging results since the brand's launch at the beginning of July, CCE said today (9 September).

The campaign, involving 'Minute Maid' 100% Pure Squeezed Juice and 'Minute Maid' Froot Refresh, will last 4 weeks and will deliver over 900,000 samples to consumers in major stores and key urban centres.

The first wave of sampling, for 'Minute Maid' 100% Pure Squeezed Juice, will take place in over 200 major grocery stores. Consumers will have the opportunity to try 50ml chilled decanted samples available in three variants. The campaign includes in-store promotions and targets young families.

The second wave, for 'Minute Maid' Froot Refresh, involves sampling in 70 urban centre sites across the UK. Consumers will receive a 330ml chilled bottle sample in 'Orange and Passionfruit' and 'Apple and Mango' flavours.

Norman Brodie, marketing director at CCE, said: "The first sales results for 'Minute Maid' 100% Pure Squeezed Juice are encouraging. The product design has great shelf stand-out, and has been a key factor in the positive response from customers.

"We believe the large scale sampling campaign will stimulate repeat purchase of 'Minute Maid' amongst core target consumers by giving people free trial close to the point of purchase."