Click through to view Cawston Press Cawston Sparklers range

Click through to view Cawston Press' Cawston Sparklers range

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Cawston Press' Cawston Sparklers

Category - Soft drinks, CSDs

Available - From this month

Location - UK, on- and off-trade. Available via online grocery retailer Ocado and in 200 Adnams pubs

Price - RRP of GBP1.69 (US$2.60) per 33cl bottle in off-trade, GBP1.99 in on-trade

Distribution - Cawston Press

Privately-owned Cawston Press has launched a range of pressed fruit drinks in the UK. Cawston Sparklers, which comprise Apple, Lemon & Lime, Ginger Beer and Apple & Rhubarb flavours, will target the adult soft drinks category.

The Apple and Ginger Beer variants had previously been available only in 75cl bottles.

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As part of its on-going initiative to create top quality soft drinks for adults, Cawston has launched a four-strong RTD range in 330ml glass bottle format. 

Included in the line-up are 2 new flavours, Sparkling Apple & Rhubarb and Sparkling Lemon & Lime. They are joined by 330ml versions of the company’s successful Sparkling Apple and Sparkling Ginger Beer drinks; previously only available in 750ml bottles. The range is designed to exploit a gap Cawston sees in the soft drink market – high-quality drinks that are all-natural, not made from concentrated juice or artificial flavours and which appeal to adults who are having a night off alcohol.

Sparkling Apple & Rhubarb sees Cawston use the finest rhubarb balanced with pressed apple juice and sparkling water to temper the vegetable’s distinctive, fruity, ‘tang’. It’s a unique drink in the market, with an impressive juice content of 40%. Sparkling Lemon & Lime is a punchy and defiantly ‘adult’ take on a lemonade with none of the usual over-powering sweetness. It features Sicilian lemons blended with pressed apple juice and sparkling water, gently rounded off with a dash of lime juice. Total juice content is a healthy 25%; comparing favourably with rival lemonade drinks that rarely reach above 18% and use concentrated, not pressed, juice. 

Also, as with all Cawston juices and drinks, the apple juice in both drinks comes from fruit that has been pressed within 48hrs of being picked, thereby ensuring maximum freshness. The bottles have an RRP from £1.69 and are available via Ocado and fine food wholesalers such as Cotswolds Fayre, Dayla Drinks, Goodness Foods and Tree of Life. They are also being stocked by over 200 Adnams and independent pubs across the country, plus widely across the Everards estate. 

Dan Broughton, Cawston’s Sales Director, said: “We’ve had this smaller format in mind for quite some time now, but the success of the 750ml bottles has convinced us to bring its launch forward. All four drinks are perfect for adults looking for interesting, high-quality and all-natural alternatives to the soft-drinks out there. They are uniquely placed in the fact that we use high percentages of pressed juice compared to a lot of other brands that scrimp on the juice content and just use concentrate. The glass bottles are perfect for the On-Trade or premium Out of Home market where they offer consumers a really satisfying and sophisticated soft drink option!”

To extend usage and broaden reach, Cawston is also working with spirit firms and mixologists to create alcoholic cocktails that demonstrate their versatility and prove the quality of their ingredients.


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