Cava sales surged by over 8% last year as the end of a two-year boycott boosted domestic consumption.

Sales of cava jumped 8.3% to a record 101m bottles, according a spokesperson for the Regulatory Council of Cava.

"This is the first time we sell 101m bottles," the spokesperson told just-drinks today (21 March). "The cava boycott has been normalised and sales have been strong."

Spanish cava sales fell by 6.5% in 2005, hurt by the boycott, which erupted on the back of rising anti-Catalan sentiment in Spain due to fresh separatist claims in the region.

Spaniards are also starting to consume cava throughout the year instead of only during the holidays.

"A few years ago, 55% of consumption took place in Christmas, now it's down to 51%," the spokesperson said.

Despite the local sales hike, however, exports fell 18% amid weak demand from key markets, including Germany.