Castle Brands has updated the look of its flagship vodka offering.

The US spirits group unveiled the new look for Boru Vodka today (26 February) and announced it was upping the number of times the vodka is distilled from four times to five.

The new bottle bears a "more contemporary" Boru Vodka logo as well as a sword and shield icon, Castle said. In addition, the bottle also contains vertical cuts representing swords and has a black shield debossed in the bottom third of the bottle.

"One of the lessons from my time running the operations of Absolut vodka for Vin & Sprit in North America was that in a very competitive market; having a very high-quality liquid in the premium segment is not enough," said Claes Fick, the company's chief commercial and marketing officer. "We took a hard look at the playing field and realised that our old packaging did not measure up to the quality of the bottle's contents."

The new packaging will be introduced across the US next month and will be followed later in the year by an international roll out.

Boru Vodka is available nationwide in the US and Ireland and in a growing number of other international markets.