Castle Brands has unveiled a tie-up between one of its vodka brands and one of its liqueur brands.

The US supplier said yesterday (22 March) that it is to package 750ml bottles of Boru Vodka with 50ml bottles of either Pallini Limoncello, Peachcello or Raspicello. The packaging, referred to as the 'sidecar', fits over the neck of the Boru bottle and continues over its shoulder so that the Pallini mini sits to the side of the Boru bottle.

The holder has a window so the consumer can tell which flavour of Pallini it contains.

"The combination of Boru Vodka and a Pallini 'cello is a refreshing summer experience," said Roseann Sessa, vice president marketing & public relations. "Our sidecar packaging gives the Boru Vodka consumer a chance to sample these Italian liqueurs."

The sidecar also contains recipes for tall drinks and martinis made with the two drinks.