Yellow Tail gets a new UK distributor

Yellow Tail gets a new UK distributor

Casella Wines has switched distribution partners in the UK for the Yellow Tail wine brand, plumping for Diageo's Percy Fox & Co over Off Piste Wines.

The Australian wine producer confirmed today (12 February) that it will move UK distribution to Percy Fox, which also handles Diageo's Blossom Hill brand, from 22 February.

“I believe we have found a like-minded partner with significant reach and influence in the UK market,”  said Casella's managing director, John Casella. “Casella Wines is the largest family-owned winery in Australia and Percy Fox & Co is the second largest wine distributor in Great Britain.”

Off Piste, which is co-run by former Western Wine employees Anthony Fairbank and Paul Letheren, has handled Yellow Tail for just under three years. Speaking to just-drinks, Letheren said that Casella is keen to “focus more on the smaller (distribution) channels” in the UK.

“We've done a pretty good job with the supermarkets for Yellow Tail,” he said, “but Casella are now hoping to take the brand to the next level, with regional wholesalers and cash-and-carries.

“It's a great brand that has done us a great service,” Letheren continued. Off Piste is keen to develop its own brands and “be more retailer-focussed” going forward, he added.

Casella said it wishes to acknowledge the “outstanding work” of Off Piste.