Casella Wines owns the Yellow Tail brand

Casella Wines owns the Yellow Tail brand

Casella Wines has taken over distribution of its brands in West Australia from Casama/Lionel Samson, ending a 10-year partnership.

Distribution will now go through wholesalers, including Australian Liquor Marketers, Liquid Mix, Hotel Liquor Wholesalers and Liquor Traders Australia, Casella announced today (5 July). The move will simplify Casella's sales in the region as it expands its product range, Casella's Australasian sales manager Bob Powell said.

“Last month, we launched a new premium lager called Arvo, so now that we have two beverage brands, we feel it is important to establish one consistent sales model across the country,” Powell said.

Casama/Lionel Samson had distributed Casella brands in Western Australia since 2002, including the Yellow Tail wine label.

Former Casama/Lionel Samson liquor manager Steve Leopold, who oversaw brands including Yellow Tail, has been appointed Casella's new Western Australia state manager, the company said.

Another former Casama/Lionel Samson employee, Marg Matthews, joins Casella as area manager.

“These new staff appointments are a good fit for Casella, given their experience of working with brands such as Yellow Tail and their work history at Casama/Lionel Samson,” Powell said.

In March, Casella appointed a business development officer for Yellow Tail in Asia.