Carlton and United Breweries (CUB), the SABMiller subsidiary, has resurrected a TV ad from the 1980s and relaunched a can from the same period for its Carlton Draught brand in Australia. 

The 30-second spot, which is part of the brand's 150th anniversary celebrations, features men with handle-bar moustaches and short shorts drinking the lager. It is airing throughout this month on Australia's Channel 7.

The "heritage” white cans are also being sold for a limited period in Liquorland and First Choice.

Mick McKeown, Carlton Draught’s marketing manager, said the ad “gives people a great glimpse of our past, questionable fashion and all”.

In April, CUB was fined AUD20,400 (US$18,898) for misleading consumers over the origin of one of its craft-like brands.  

CUB was intergrated into SABMiller following the UK-headquartered brewer's acquistion of Foster's Group in 2011