Aldaris has launched a rebrand of the Zelta beer brand in its domestic market.

The Latvia-based brewer, which is owned by Carlsberg, said earlier this week that the revamp is designed to "emphasise (Zelta's) cultural heritage whilst still appealing to a younger, urban demographic".

Zelta was originally launched in 1991 as a premium version of Aldaris and went under the name Aldaris Zelta (zelta means 'gold' in Latvian). The redesign is part of an ongoing brand strategy to divide the brewery's portfolio into separate Aldaris and Zelta ranges - in 2003 Zelta was re-launched as a premium, stand-alone brand aimed at a younger, urban consumer.

As part of the redesign, a ship icon has been introduced into the brand's identity reflecting the history and tradition of Latvia's capital, Riga, as a key trading port, as well as being home to the oldest brewery in the country.

Brand packaging consultancy LFH was appointed on the strength of its previous work on Carlsberg brands throughout the Baltics. The new range will be rolled out throughout the summer.