• Carlsberg to roll out reposition from today
  • New tagline - "That calls for a Carlsberg"
  • Targets doubling of profits from Carlsberg by 2015
Click through for an image of Carlsbergs new packaging design

Click through for an image of Carlsberg's new packaging design

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Carlsberg has lined up a global repositioning of its namesake lager brand.

At a presentation in Copenhagen this morning (5 April), the brewer said it is “investing significantly” in the move, as it feels that the brand's sales “don’t always measure up to its brand recognition”. The main aspect of the reposition will be the introduction of a new tagline - “That calls for a Carlsberg”.

The “visual identity” of the beer has been modernised, while distribution channels are “being widened” and a new range of packaging is being rolled out across 140 markets.

The company said that it hopes to double profits from the Carlsberg brand by 2015.

“People are familiar with Carlsberg but do not necessarily know what it represents,” said Carlsberg's CEO, Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen. “This global launch is our way of getting our story out there to both our mature markets and our newer markets. We want people to know that Carlsberg beer stands for something - for heritage, for quality, for great taste and for doing the right thing."

"Although international recognition is good, it is not enough,” he continued. “We are investing significantly in the Carlsberg brand, widening our distribution channels and making every effort to get closer to our customers and consumers.”

The reposition will roll out to all markets with immediate effect, backed by a new television advertising campaign that will be launched throughout this year.

Click play, below, for a brief interview, supplied by Carlsberg, with CEO Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen.