Carlsberg is looking to outsource its logistics operations in Germany.

The subsidiary of the Danish brewer is hoping that the employees affected by the move will join the new company, despite a large drop in salaries.

Speaking to just-drinks today (11 October), a spokesperson for Carlsberg Deutschland confirmed that the unit is planning to create a new, 100% Carlsberg-owned logistics company. Around 200 staff at Carlsberg's four breweries in the country - in Hamburg, Luebz, Brunswick and Dresden - are expected to move from Carlsberg to the new business.

"This is the next step for Carlsberg in Germany," the spokesperson said. "The current level of wage for these workers at the brewery is too high compared to other logistics companies in Germany. They will not lose their jobs, but they will have a different salary structure." The spokesperson said that the employees can expect a wage cut of around 20% from current levels.

When asked what the workers' reaction to the proposal had been, the spokesperson said: "They do not like it.

"The alternative is that we hand over logistics to a separate external company, which would mean - if they didn't offer the staff new jobs - then they would lose their jobs," he added.

"If they agree to our proposal, then they will receive salaries almost level with - in fact, a little it higher than - salaries at other logistics companies in Germany."

Carlsberg Deutschland was initially known as the Holsten Group until it changed its name a year ago.