A report in the Danish press today suggests that Carlsberg is losing its cache in its home market.

Boersen writes that the brewer is suffering in Danish supermarkets because of a wide range of beers available to consumers. The paper says that customers are opting for foreign brews and those made by Carlsberg's Danish rival Bryggerigruppen, which also distributes Heineken.

No actual figures are quoted in the news story. Carlsberg would not comment on whether Danish sales are falling.

In Denmark, a recycling system had favoured Carlsberg's products which are bottled. However, recent changes in the system now mean that cans are recyclable, opening up the market to products in a variety of packaging.

Earlier this week Boersen reported that Carlsberg is to lay off 130 staff in its Danish operation as part of a restructuring strategy. The newspaper said that the brewer plans to merge its sales and marketing operations of its various beer and soft drink brands, resulting in the loss of 130 jobs.