Danish beer maker Carlsberg A/S has restated its 2001 net profit, based on new accounting rules legislated by the Danish parliament in June last year, of DKK2.151 billion (US$254.8m).

Under old accounting rules, Carlberg's 2001 net profit was DKK2.616 billion.

The profit restatement was due to the amortization of capitalized software and intangible assets, adjustments made to the market value of its shareholding in the Rent a Cooler unit, and a write-off on Carlsberg's Royal Scandinavia unit, now being shown under financial items.

However, the company didn't release any current or forward-looking numbers.

"These new accounting policies will be applied for the first time in the Q1 (first-quarter) Financial Statement 2002, which will also include the effects of the new accounting policies on the outlook for 2002," the beer brewer said, in line with previous statements made.

Carlsberg will release first-quarter earnings May 8.