Carlsberg is launching a summer promotion in the UK for its flavoured beer Edge.

Over eight weeks, the brewer said it will be introducing Edge to more than 85,000 consumers, in its biggest ever sampling programme 'Get Refreshment with an Edge'. The push will target four major cities around the UK . It kicked off in Brighton at the beginning of July and will move in to other major cities and towns during the rest of July and August.

The campaign will drive sampling opportunities in on-trade outlets to consumers who are in beach and city centre areas. Throughout the activity there are free lemon/lime stress balls and money off next purchase for consumers to win via peel and reveal cards. 

Robin Chaplin, brand manager for Carlsberg Edge, said: "Get Refreshment with an Edge is far more sophisticated in both its planning and implementation than a traditional sampling campaign: it is a highly personalised and interactive programme, tailored to our target audience.  it's now the time when people are looking for a refreshing beer such as Edge both at home and in the On trade."

The sampling activities are supported by a regional media campaign which will include outdoor radio broadcasts and promotions, outdoor, ambient, and online.