Carlsberg has high hopes for India

Carlsberg has high hopes for India

Carlsberg is targeting a healthy rise in beer sales in India this year, as it rolls out its Tuborg brand further in the country.

Late last week, the brewer launched Tuborg Strong beer in Andhra Pradesh, the country’s largest beer market. Speaking at a launch event in the state, the head of Carlsberg's operations in India highlighted the potential for brewers in the country.

“The Indian beer industry is currently pegged at 80m hectolitres and is growing at about 10% year-on-year,” said Carlsberg India's MD Soren Lauridsen. “The market is bright for the beer industry, irrespective of some restrictions in some markets.”

Tuborg is the fastest-growing international beer brand in India, according to Carlsberg, and has seen volume growth of 60% over the last year. It is now the number four brand in India.

Carlsberg also said it is hunting for a sixth brewery in India.

“In the last two months, we have seen full capacity utilisation at our existing breweries,” Lauridsen added. “To meet our future demands, we are scouting for a new location across the states where we are not present.”