Carlsberg launched a new Tuborg campaign today

Carlsberg launched a new Tuborg campaign today

A Carlsberg executive has argued that Western European firms lag behind their Eastern Europe and Asia counterparts in digital marketing. 

Massimo Di Dia, Carlsberg's VP for international premium brands, has told just-drinks that the West “has been more careful” when creating content for digital brand support. “In emerging markets, there is more of a risk appetite, while in Western Europe we haven't really been as progressive as we could have been”, Di Dia said.

He also said digital marketing is moving fastest in Asia, followed by Eastern Europe then Western Europe, “especially among the target audience we are talking to”.

“The youth of today are really fast-moving (on digital) and it is one of the areas where Asia and Eastern Europe are ahead of the West," Di Dia said. "The penetration of digital is enormous.”

Carlsberg today (19 May) launched a fresh campaign for Tuborg, which is the Danish brewer's top-selling brand in Eastern Europe. The push will roll out across Europe, however Carlsberg is to support it through existing local brand apps to avoid swamping consumers.

“We are not going to roll out a global app for this campaign,” Di Dia said. “There's already a huge proliferation of apps out there.”

To read a fact sheet on Tuborg, click here.