Carlsberg has acquired a 50% interest in Cambrew Ltd, the Cambodian brewer based in Sihanoukville on the country's west coast.

Cambrew has a total capacity of 450,000 hectolitres and holds a 45% market share in Cambodia. The brewery owns the Angkor Beer brand, named after the famous temple Angkor Wat.

"The potential for growth in the Cambodian beer market is significant as the beer consumption per capita is only about 6 litres per year, which is below the level in the neighbouring countries," a statement said. "Here the average consumption is 12-22 litres per capita per year."

"The acquisition is a further step in fulfilling Carlsberg's strategy to enhance the strong position in South East Asia, where Carlsberg is already present via shareholdings in Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam."

In Vietnam, Carlsberg recently signed a so-called letter of memorandum regarding a strategic cooperation with Hanoi Brewery (Habeco).

Financial details for the Cambrew acquisition were not disclosed.