The European Commission has announced the final shape of a wine and spirits trade deal it has struck with Canada. It will lead, notably, to the phasing out in Canada of geographically-linked generic trade names such as Port, Sherry, Chablis and Rhine.

EU agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler welcomed the deal and called on EU ministers to swiftly rubber stamp it.

On entry into the deal, the use in Canada of "Bordeaux, Chianti, Claret, Madeira, Malaga, Marsala, Medoc, and Mosel" will be banned for all but European products; Grappa and Ouzo follow in two years; Burgundy, Rhine, Sauternes by 2009 and Chablis, Champagne, Port and Sherry by 2014. The EU is to protect 'Rye Whisky' as a distinctive Canadian product.