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Camus Cognac's Family Legacy

Category - Spirits, Cognac, 40.8% abv

Available - From January

Location - In “all markets”, both on- & off-trade. Key markets are Asia, Russia and the US

Price - RSP of US$1,000 per 75cl bottle in travel retail

Camus is set to celebrate its 150th anniversary next year with the launch of Family Legacy.

Five crus - Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Bon Bois, Fin Bois and Borderies - were combined into eight blends. Family Legacy will aim to “offer the market a highly gift-able Cognac that gets its strength directly from 'Living Tradition' values”, the company said.

The company, which has been family-owned for five generations, declined to disclose how many units are being released.

The expression was showcased at the TFWA world exhibition in Cannes last week.

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Family Legacy is the latest creation from CAMUS, being shown for the first time at TFWA World Exhibition.

The idea behind Family Legacy is that it stands as a tribute to Living Tradition. As Cyril CAMUS often says, a great cognac is born of a father, a grandfather and a great-grandfather who were able to pass on an ancient culture of the art of distillation and aging whilst adding a touch of the contemporary.

In creating Family Legacy, the cellar master followed the methods used by all those before him to select and blend this cognac – using expertise recorded in the ‘cahier de coupe’ kept since the 19th century. This includes the recommendations of Edmond and Gaston Camus who suggested aging in fine-grained, pale-coloured barrels.

Family Legacy is blended with five different crus – Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne, Bon Bois, Fin Bois and the famous Borderies and it is aged in French oak barrels to attain a perfect strength of 40.8% vol.

Tasting notes describe this Cognac as a true expression of the marriage of luxury and seduction. The nose offers round, smooth notes opening into velvety, complex aromas of tangerine, violet and oak fading into labdanum (a Mediterranean flower). The palate is described as rich and generous with hints of crème brûlée and dulce de leche with a fruity character. Dried fruit notes create a dynamic, complex staying power with a balanced, lingering and elegant finish.

Presentation is in an elegant decanter adorned with a multi-faceted Crystal stopper, within a modern soft-touch gift box, making it ideal for travel retail.

“Family Legacy honors the five generations of the Camus family, adhering to the ancestral rules of perfect blending and the art of distillation, whilst at the same time introducing a contemporary look and feel,” says Frédéric DEZAUZIER, Camus brand ambassador. “This elegant carafe is an ideal gift or self-purchase for the connoisseur of Cognac looking for a rich, refined and sophisticated expression. Family Legacy is an illustration of what Camus hopes to share as one of the ‘ finer things in life’ .”

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