Campbell Soup Company has reduced the sodium content in its original V8 100% vegetable juice by 12% across the US.

The company will roll out the juice with 420 milligrams of sodium per 8oz glass, the second reduction in the last three years, the firm said today (29 January).

Campbell has also reduced the sodium content in its Spicy Hot V8 variety to 480 milligrams per serving in a bid to meet the US government-designated “healthy” criteria.

“Our goal for V8 juices is to provide people with a variety of great-tasting, healthy beverages that help them to get their vegetable servings,” said Dale Clemiss, VP, beverage marketing, V8 Beverages.

“We are proud that now our entire line of V8 juices meets or in some cases even exceeds government standards for healthy foods, while still providing the taste that people know.”

V8 100% vegetable juice is available in six varieties and a range of sizes at supermarkets, club stores, convenience and mass merchandise stores nationwide.