Calypso Soft Drinks is switching its Clear Cups portfolio from aspartame to sucralose.

The company said yesterday (27 April) that the children's soft drink range will see aspartame replaced by sucralose from May onwards.

"We have listened to the concerns that some parents have over aspartame in children's soft drinks and have made the decision to switch to sucralose in response," said Richard Cooke, Calypso's sales and marketing director. "Keeping our customers happy is of paramount importance to us."

"Calypso leaves the job of approving food ingredients to the Government and the Food Standards Agency, and while aspartame continues to be fully approved for use in soft drinks, its replacement by sucralose across the Calypso Clear Cups 12 and 24 assorted pack range will retain both the taste and low calorie content we are looking for."

The company noted that sucralose, which is produced from sugar, is approved by the UK Food Standards Agency and "has been demonstrated to be safe for human consumption in more than 100 scientific studies over a 20-year period".