Calypso has joined forces with Save the Children in the UK launch of a new water brand, Thirst Aid.

The water brand, which is being launched to raise funds to provide clean drinking water in Ethiopia, will be available from this month in the UK, in 330ml and 500ml bottles.

The company aims to raise GBP55,000 (US$109,30&) within two years through UK sales, Calypso said today (28 July).

The money will fund an initiative in which Save the Children will work with the local community in Sayint district, 590km north of Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa. The objective is to create new springs and wells, protect existing ones and provide ongoing education in basic sanitation and good health practices.

Thirst Aid will be available to the multiple retail, independent and food service channels, with GBP0.05 per 500ml bottle and GBP0.03 per 330ml bottle going directly to Save the Children. It will be supplied in outers of 24 and carry recommended retail prices of GBP0.60 for 500ml and GBP0.45 for 330ml bottles.

"Thirst Aid may not be the first 'ethical water', and we don't claim that we're going to be able to solve Ethiopia's drinking water problems on our own, but we do believe that recognition of Save the Children as the world's foremost independent children's charity will be hugely important in attracting consumers and generating funds," said Richard Cooke, Calypso's sales and marketing director.

"Each year, an estimated 472,000 Ethiopian children under the age of five die, 20% of them from diarrhoea which can often be the result of drinking dirty water - so this is an initiative that really will save young lives."

Thirst Aid will be bottled at Calypso's source of natural mineral water in North Wales.