US-based Brunton Vineyards has been sold to communications group New Paradigm Strategic Communications in a share swap deal.

Brunton is based in California and claims to have an investment in a network of over 300 premier wineries around the world.

Yesterday (15 February), the company announced the deal with New Paradigm, which will see the name of the US-listed communications firm changed to Brunton Vineyards Holdings.

Brunton CEO Geno Brunton said: "Brunton Vineyards was acquired by New Paradigm Strategic Communications in a share for share exchange with the shareholders of Brunton Vineyards for all of their ownership in (the company)."

He added: "This move to the public sector puts the company in a better position to take advantage of opportunities not previously available to it."

Brunton plans to launch 20 wine brands within the next two years, the company added.