California grape growers crushed 3.4m tons of grapes in 2003, down 11% from a year ago, a preliminary report from the California Agriculture Statistics Service showed.

The red wine grape crush dropped 10% to 1.6m tons. White wine grape varieties rose 1% to 1.3m tons. The total wine grape crush of 2.9m tons was in line with industry expectations of 2.75m to 2.85m tons, according to Wine Business Online.

Wine grape prices slipped from 2002 levels, with red wine grapes bringing an average of $600.29 a ton, down 2%. White wine grape prices averaged $418.22 a ton, down 3%. Grapes produced in Napa County received the highest average price of $3,032.93 per ton, followed by Sonoma and Marin counties at $1,943.49 a ton.