C-bridge Internet Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq:CBIS), the provider of c-commerce solutions, formally announced the launch of its Australasian practice, and the opening of its offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Among those clients engaging in this exciting new region is the Australian brewing, wine, and entertainment business, Fosters Brewing Group.

"Internet-enabled business practices are having a global impact on the way companies are doing business, throughout their supply chains and directly with their customers," said Joe Bellini, president & CEO of C-bridge. "Forward-thinking companies like Fosters recognize the importance of valid and reliable business analysis as a means of guiding their efforts. C-bridge offers a uniquely robust analytic methodology, and welcomes this increasing awareness."

The Australasian region is rapidly becoming a global market force, with many companies looking to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities of Internet-enabled business processes. C-bridge's presence in Australasia will enable the innovative Web integrator to further meet the needs of a geometrically expanding B2B market in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and in business hubs throughout Asia Pacific. The company's expansion is rooted in its commitment to customers and the conviction that the best way to ensure the success of its clients is through its local presence and its supplying expertise.

"C-bridge is all about helping our customers to win in this new world of e-commerce," said Tony Killin, regional practice director for Australasia. "With our highly skilled team of leading-edge consultants and our substantial e-commerce knowledge and experience, we are able to break the bonds of traditional timeframes, helping our clients rapidly attain Internet capability."

Fosters Proactively Leverages the Internet

C-bridge has been contracted by Fosters Brewing Group to develop its B2B portal for the hospitality industry. C-bridge, working with leading software developer Oracle, is providing the technical, project management, and organizational framework for this Internet business application. This unique application of leading Internet business strategy, technology, and branding will allow Fosters and its vendors to order and track goods and services, and to take advantage of such things as promotions and delivery options. The portal will extend service to Fosters' valued business customers, and will also reach out to additional customers.

"Fosters is looking to deliver greater efficiencies within the business," said Nuno D'Aquino, deputy chief executive of Fosters Brewing Group. "C-bridge is helping us implement a Web-based initiative that will offer product breadth and higher levels of service to more than 20,000 customers, ultimately delivering future growth and shareholder value."

Strong Leadership to Ensure Strong Performance

Leading C-bridge's aggressive debut in the Australasian region is Paul J. Chow, managing director for Australasia. Prior to joining C-bridge, Mr. Chow served as the Australasian director of change management for Oracle Corporation. From April 1991 to July 1997, Mr. Chow conducted his own systems integration business, implementing packaged ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, BAAN, and PeopleSoft, as well as numerous custom developments. Mr. Chow is an associate member of the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants and is a member of the EDP Auditor's Association. He received his B.Ec. from LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

Tony Killin, in his new role as regional practice director for Australasia, will be responsible for managing and developing the C-bridge practice in the region. Mr. Killin brings with him nearly 20 years of in-depth IT knowledge and experience in managing and deploying services for customers globally. Prior to joining C-bridge, Mr. Killin was a principal with Hewlett-Packard. He has also managed the creation of ground-breaking WAP and SMS services and is an Internet industry veteran, having developed leading-edge Internet industry solutions since 1995. Mr. Killin, who previously helped create two successful startups, has substantial Asian knowledge and experience. He is an alumnus of UNSW, where he received his B.Sc., and holds various other post-graduate qualifications.

Kip Frame will head the Diagnostic Team in the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Frame completed an MBA in the UK, with subsequent post-graduate finance and investment education in Australia. He draws on his experience as a strategy consultant and senior manager in a range of industries, including telecommunications, B2C Internet portals, construction, financial services, consumer goods, and information technology clients.

Robert Schwartz, regional sales director for Australasia, will be responsible for business development for the region. Mr. Schwartz brings ten years experience in the e-business marketplace, working with major vendors such as IBM and Oracle.

About Fosters Brewing Group

Fosters Brewing Group (Fosters) is one of the world's leading brewers, employing more than 12,000 people globally. Fosters generates close to $2.5 billion in total annual sales and has brewing operations in Australia, Fiji, Vietnam, India, and China, and wine operations in Australia, Chile, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, and Japan. Fosters' business philosophy is based on building long-term growth through maintaining a clear focus on brand equity, margin management, and capital efficiency.

About C-bridge

Founded in 1996 and globally headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, C-bridge is the leading c-commerce consulting firm. C-bridge creates business value for clients through its experience-driven ability to diagnose and resolve Internet business and technology issues, develop business and technology strategies, and deliver advanced Internet applications and e-business solutions. C-bridge also provides executive educational services to assist over 10,000 business leaders per year, assisting them in the successful definition and implementation of Internet business transformation and collaboration. For more information on C-bridge, visit www.c-bridge.com.

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