BuyerLink Networks, a leading provider of online marketplaces serving the $3.9 trillion food and beverage industries, today announced it has signed an agreement with CPG Pepsi Bottlers, Inc., the cooperative of independent Pepsi bottlers, to build and host an online marketplace for all cooperative members and their suppliers.

BuyerLink's online network will allow CPG Pepsi Bottlers' members to purchase products from their suppliers quickly and cost effectively over the Internet at pre-negotiated terms.

By being part of the marketplace, authorized personnel at the member locations will be able to log onto the private network from their desktop computers and view information on all of their suppliers. They can place orders quickly, check the status of orders, review past orders, and send feedback to suppliers and to the CPG Pepsi Bottlers cooperative staff.

"BuyerLink allows CPG Pepsi Bottlers to provide a new level of service to our members," commented Terry Wallace, Vice President, Purchasing at CPG Pepsi Bottlers. "Now they will have access to information about their suppliers and their orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The whole ordering process will be faster online. It will also save our suppliers the investment in expensive e-commerce infrastructure, because the marketplace is hosted and serviced at a reasonable cost by BuyerLink. In addition, suppliers can elect to integrate the marketplace with their back-office systems to reduce administrative costs significantly."

"BuyerLink Networks' marketplace is ideally suited for cooperatives such as CPG Pepsi Bottlers," said Rich Witherspoon, BuyerLink Networks' co-founder and vice president of marketing. "It saves time and money, and it provides valuable information. The BuyerLink purchasing network also allows the buyers to strengthen the long-held relationships they have built over years of doing business with their suppliers. It's what we call "relationship e-commerce(TM)". The BuyerLink marketplace allows suppliers to configure their sites to accommodate each customer individually. When a buyer goes to a supplier's site in the network, he finds a customized catalog and order form showing his individual pricing and payment terms. This flexibility in the system keeps business running smoothly, building trust and value.

BuyerLink will host the CPG Pepsi Bottlers marketplace. This means that CPG Pepsi Bottlers' members, as well as the suppliers, do not have to buy expensive hardware or software, nor do they have to hire additional technical personnel to install and support the system. The system is easy for them to use. They need only a desktop computer with a Web browser.

About the partners

BuyerLink Networks, based in San Jose, California, was founded in early 2000. BuyerLink is a provider of network marketplaces serving the food and beverage industries. It provides a hosted e-commerce solution that allows users to conduct complex yet cost-effective transactions and to access comprehensive e-business services. By permitting extensive modification, BuyerLink's marketplaces support the long-held relationships built between suppliers and buyers. For more information about BuyerLink Networks, visit

CPG Pepsi Bottlers, Inc. is an association of more than 140 independent Pepsi bottlers. CPG Pepsi Bottlers contracts with about 100 corporate suppliers. CPG negotiates volume-pricing agreements with the suppliers on behalf of the association members and provides other value-added services to its members.