Australia's leading spirit, Bundaberg Rum, is to launch a premium brand extension, called Bundaberg Distiller's No.3 in September. The brand is a triple filtered blend of Bundaberg rum.

The company said that consumer research had identified an opportunity to extend Bundaberg Rum by developing a premium alternative.

"Bundaberg Rum continues to define the rum category delivering 91.9% and 91.7% of the volume and value to the category. However, unlike other dark spirit categories (e.g. scotch and bourbon) the rum category does not have a significant premium segment.
Premium segments are important as they unlock growth for the entire category by providing consumers more reasons to remain in the category, instead of having to switch," said John Green, marketing manager Bundaberg Rum.

 "Trading up is a new trend in Australia - it's when people are prepared to pay a little bit more to "treat" themselves.  We are confident there is demand for a premium rum product - even among our traditional Bundaberg Rum customers - and think that Bundaberg Distiller's No.3 will meet this desire," he added.

"We also believe Bundaberg Distiller's No.3 will be similar to Bundaberg Rum UP in the sense that it will very quickly become a spirit that mates traditionally turn to when they come together for a few drinks."

The launch of Bundaberg Distiller's No.3 will be supported by a million dollar marketing campaign.

The launch of Bundaberg Distiller's No.3 coincides with the unveiling of a new look for Bundaberg Rum. The company hopes that the visual identity change will give Bundaberg Rum a more contemporary edge.