Bourbon producer Buffalo Trace is cutting the ribbon today (22 November) on a new “experimental” warehouse in a bid to discover the ideal conditions to produce its whiskey. 

The 30ft-by-50ft building - known as 'Warehouse X' - is made of brick and concrete and has skylights, the company said. It will have the capacity for around 150 barrels. 

The warehouse is the first new building Buffalo Trace has added to its Frankfort, Kentucky 130-acre site in around 60 years, it said. 

Total spend on the building was not disclosed.

“Through the years, there’s been a lot of research done on barrels, and a lot done on Bourbon, but none done on the actual structure of a warehouse,” said Mark Brown, Buffalo Trace Distillery's president & CEO. 

“What is the best warehouse structure to yield the best results? No one knows. But the construction of this warehouse will give us invaluable insight into what light, temperature, airflow, and humidity do to the barrels and the Bourbon inside, and hopefully put us one step closer to producing the perfect Bourbon.”

Warehouse X is opening today for local officials and invited guests, with a public opening tomorrow.