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Buffalo Trace Distillery's Single Oak Project Bourbon Round 12

Category - Spirits, whiskey, Bourbon, variable abv

Available - From end of this month

Location - Available from “selected” US stores

Price - SRP of US$43.65 per 37.5cl bottle

Distribution - Buffalo Trace

Bourbon producer Buffalo Trace Distillery has unveiled the latest release in its experiment to “develop the next great Bourbon”.

The 12-bottle case, part of the company's Single Oak Project Bourbon, is the distillery's 12th round in the ongoing programme. The distillery expects to have 192 separate releases launched over 16 rounds by the end of 2015, each aged in slightly different circumstances.

The Single Oak Project was started in 1999.

In November, Buffalo Trace opened an “experimental” warehouse in a bid to discover the ideal conditions to produce its whiskey.