Budejovicky Budvar has seen beer exports to the US leap in the first half of this year.

The Czech brewer said yesterday (16 July) that exports to the country in the first six months of 2007 leapt by 58% year-on-year, thanks in part to the import deal Budvar signed in the country with long-time foe Anheuser-Busch earlier this year. Specific figures, however, were not disclosed.

Earlier this month, the company posted an 11% sales volume rise for the first half.

Speaking to Dow Jones, Budvar sales director Robert Chrt said that sales to the US exceeded the brewer's forecasts and the company expects very good exports to the US for the whole-year.

Budejovicky Budvar is the third-largest brewer in the country and ranks among the leading Czech beer exporters. Last year, the company boosted its beer output by 5% to 1.15m hectolitres and its exports by 7% to 556,000 hectolitres.