Budejovicky Budvars Premier Select Limited Edition

Budejovicky Budvar's Premier Select Limited Edition

Budejovicky Budvar's Premier Select Limited Edition

Category - Beer, pilsner, fresh hops, 7.5% abv

Available - From Monday (18 March)

Location - Czech, on-trade

Price - Between CZK30 (US$1.50) to CZK50 per 30cl

Distribution - Budejovicky Budvar

Budejovicky Budvar has launched a special batch of its Premier Select brand brewed with freshly harvested hops.

Only 400 hectolitres of Premier Select Limited Edition have been made and will be sold to “selected restaurants” in Czech in 20-litre kegs, Budejovicky Budvar said last week. The limited batch, which has a shelf life of 30 days, includes brewer’s yeast.

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Ceské Budejovice, 13th March 2013

Budweiser Budvar, N.C. is planning to substantially reinforce the position of the BUD brand on the Czech market this year. Customers have known the beer specialty BUD Premier Select since 1997 (until 2009 under the name of BUD Super Strong). In response to the rising demand for miscellaneous beer specialities, on 18th March the brewery is launching a special batch of BUD Premier Select Limited Edition, which has been brewed using freshly harvested hop cones of Saaz hops. Freshly harvested hop cones rank amongst the rarest brewing ingredients since they must be processed in the brewery directly after their harvest, i.e. on the same day they were picked. For that reason they are used quite exceptionally in brewing. BUD Premier Select Limited Edition is the only existing beer on the Czech market brewed using entirely fresh hops. Additionally, the limited batch includes brewer’s yeast.  

“We have created a unique beer specialty that will be particularly appreciated by beer connoisseurs. Fresh hops supply the beer with a higher amount of aromatic substances and a rather distinct bitterness. Moreover, the brewer’s yeast adds a mild yeast flavour, increase a natural fullness of the beer and overall improve the sensory qualities,” says Adam Brož, Ph.D. The limited edition of BUD Premier Select amounting to a volume of 400 hectolitres was brewed last August. Considering the extraordinarily long maturing period (200 days), the beer is ready to consume now. The edition will be supplied to selected restaurants solely in 20-litre kegs around the Czech Republic from 18th March 2013. Owing to the yeast content, the product’s shelf life is only 30 days.


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