CSDs are under the spotlight from the public health community

CSDs are under the spotlight from the public health community

Moves to encourage councils to ban soft drinks vending machines in UK schools will not help tackle the obesity issue, a trade group has argued. 

The UK's Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, was yesterday (11 June) reported as saying that he wanted local authorities to look at banning school drinks machines as a way to improve public health. 

But the British Soft Drinks Association rejected the idea. "Obesity is a complex problem with many causal factors and it is unlikely that a blanket ban on vending machines in schools is going to make much difference," said director general Gavin Partington. 

He added: "There is at present an extensive set of rules and advice to schools on what drinks they should offer their students - fizzy drinks are already excluded, for example - and the range of drinks designed for schools is growing all the time." 

Soft drinks have come under increasing scrutiny in the UK with obesity now high on the public health agenda. The BSDA was forced to speak out in February over new calls for a 20% tax on CSDs

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