The BSDA has had its say on the figures

The BSDA has had its say on the figures

The British Soft Drinks Assocation (BSDA) has spoken out over a government report warning against excessive consumption of soft drinks by children.

The wide-ranging Public Health England (PHE) survey, published yesterday (14 May) found that the largest source of sugar for children between four and 18 years old are fruit juices and carbonated soft drinks (CSDs). Under-18s, on average, are exceeding the recommendation of no more than 11% of food energy from sugars, the report found.

Dr Alison Tedstone, PHE's chief nutritionist said: "The data provides compelling evidence that we all need to make changes to our diet to improve our health, especially for teenagers."

In a response to just-drinks, Gavin Partington, the BSDA's director general said: “While today’s figures confirm that soft drinks comprise only 3% of the average diet, they also make clear that some people are consuming too many soft drinks containing sugar. So, it’s important that teenagers and parents appreciate the wider choice of drinks containing low and no calories that are available.”

He added: "Full nutrition labelling, including calorie content, can be found on pack, so parents can make informed choices about what they give their children. However, soft drinks, like all food and drink, should be consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.”