Bryggerigruppen is to produce Coop beer brands for the retail store chain Coop Danmark. The Danish brewery announced yesterday that it has signed a contract with the chain, which will see its market share in Denmark increase by 5%.

On 1 March, Bryggerigruppen's Odin beer will replace Carlsberg's store in Coop stores, the Danish brewer will begin producing Coop beer brands. Coop beer accounts for 20% of the beer sold by Coop Danmark.

The retail chain chose Bryggerigruppen over Carlsberg to produce Coop beer.

Coop Danmark operates the retail chains Kvickly xtra, Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Dagli'Brugsen and LokalBrugsen, the subsidiaries Irma, Fakta, and Dansk Kaffekompagni, and is a subsidiary of Scandinavian retail and wholesale co-operative group Coop Norden AB.