Bruichladdich, the Scotch whisky distillery, hopes to significantly cut energy use by trialling a system that will convert waste into electricity.

Islay-based Bruichladdich will trial an anaerobic generator in March, group CEO Mark Reynier confirmed to just-drinks late yesterday (18 January).

It is hoped that the generator could make Bruichladdich self sufficient in electricity. Next month's trial is expected to generate 80% of the distillery's electricity needs.

Reynier said: "We have looked at many different ideas and most of them are simply not commercially, engineeringly, or practically realistic for a distillery. This concept, however, looks like it fits all those considerations."

He added: "We are not trying to save the world, just looking as always, at sensible solutions to everyday issues."

The generator will run on 'pot ale', which is the waste residue in the wash still after an initial distillation.

It is thought Bruichladdich could require two generators, depending on how quickly it expands from current annual production of 800,000 litres of alcohol for its namesake single malt whisky. 

The distillery saw sales rise by 15% in 2008.