Shaw-Ross International Importers has said it has returned the packing for its Brugal Añejo Rum brand to an "authentic" design.

The "classic" look for the new Añejo package brings the brand back to its Caribbean roots, where Brugal Rum was first bottled and will be on shelves in January, the firm said on Friday (14 November).

The package is the version offered throughout the Caribbean, where Brugal is the top selling brand of Rum, and comprises of the brand's familiar yellow net.

Additionally, Shaw-Ross has announced plans to launch Brugal Extra Viejo in February 2009. The super-premium Brugal Extra Viejo has been widely sought by US consumers, the company said.

"Both the Brugal Añejo packaging change and the launch of Brugal Extra Viejo effectively position the Brugal brand for future growth within the premium Rum segment," said Rod Simmons, US brand manager for Brugal Rum with Shaw-Ross.