US wines and spirits company, Brown-Forman, is planning a major re-launch of its oldest brand, Old Forester Bourbon. The company is to invest some $13m in a major re-launch of Old Forester which was originally introduced in 1870 before the company's flagship Tennessee whiskey brand, Jack Daniel's.

In comparison with Jack Daniel's, which accounts for 48% of Brown-Forman's sales, Old Forester has been a lower priority for the group in recent years. In 2001, shipments stood at 135,000 cases, with the brand accounting for 1% of the US bourbon market. Jack Daniel's, though not actually a bourbon, has around 28% of the market.

The re-launch kicks off with the introduction of a limited edition variant, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, on September 2, the birthday of the company's founder. Meanwhile, an ad campaign with the tagline "Nothing Better" will break in August.